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Volconda Mutton Spinach

Mutton Doubleton and stuffed Cheese Patty

PKR 699

Cockaroo Buckaroo (Full)


PKR 1,299


Mushroom White Sauce Steak.All Entries served with our house made outrider mashed potatoes with saute veggies

PKR 999

John The Don (chicken)

Mac And Cheese Sandwich

Available for Dine-in Only



HOWDY! is the pioneer in introducing high quality real charcoal grilled gourmet burgers in Pakistan.

At Howdy! You will find a combination of excellent burgers, steaks, sandwiches and a lot more at value pricing, with a fun packaged atmosphere at our every outlet.
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There are 2 types of people


Available for Dine-in Only


Tres Amigos

3 Milk Cake (lotus)

Available for Dine-in Only



Chocolate Nutella Cake

Available for Dine-in Only


Tres Amigos Lotus

3 milk cake (lotus)

Available for Dine-in Only