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Howdy, Pardners!

Now we’re usually a pretty happy bunch ‘round these parts, but the times have called for a moment or two of sobriety. Folks out there are left at the mercy of a despicable virus that wreakin’ havoc all over the country. 

In these times, we’d like to remind y’all to take care of each other and hold on tight to yer loved ones. Say a little prayer or two, take all the necessary precautions, and stick together now, ya hear? Cause that’s about the only way we come out of this big ol’ mess.

To that end, we’re still kickin’ around and here to do what we’ve always done: make you happy with a good meal that’ll be sure to put a smile on yer face! And we’re takin’ every measure to ensure that there ain’t no spread of no viruses on our watch! 

We’re tryin’ our best to keep you and ourselves safe from this COVID-19 menace. Take a little look see at how we’re doin’ it.

COVID-19 Precautions

We’ve got the entire Howdy family wearin’ gloves before handling any food items, and we’re makin’ sure these gloves get changed for fresh ones on the regular. Hands are bein’ washed at the stroke of every hour and we’re puttin’ hand sanitizer to some great, liberal use.

Masks are a given — everyone’s wearin’ one at Howdy, and we’re not lettin’ no one in without checking their temperature with a state-’o-the-art infrared thermometer to make sure ain’t no one’s workin’ with an illness of any kind.

All surfaces are bein’ wiped down ‘round the clock. That way, that pesky virus can’t hangout and pose a threat in the kitchen environment.

So that’s all what we’ve got goin’ on in here to keep you and everyone else safe ‘n sound! Now if you ride on out to us for takeaway or have us ride in with a delivery, you can enjoy your favorite grub with confidence ‘n the peace of mind that it was prepared with a host of safety and hygiene measures.

Take care, y’all and stay safe!


The Howdy Team

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