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The year was 2012. The date 12/12/12, was approaching fast, that according to a popular myth was supposed to bring an end to the world. A folklore so widespread that people made preparations for the final showdown.

However, We believed that the world will go on and this time a better, brighter and happier place filled with flavor. That was the time when our cowboys picked up the kitchen gauntlet and embarked on a challenging journey of bringing the best Gourmet Burgers to you.

So as the story goes, when the clock struck 12 on the 12th day of 12th month of year twenty 12 there was a Big Happy Bang... and... HOWDY! came into being. Folks say only happiness happened that day. Hence the coinage word "happYning" in our slogan was discovered.

This is the groundbreaking plaque at the first site of HOWDY!

Well, the world certainly didn't end but your search for authentic charcoal grilled gourmet burgers surely did and HOWDY! made the yummiest of them ever after.

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